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    db!achievement You got an achievement!
    Usage: db!achievement <text>
    db!alpaca Here is an alpaca
    db!alpha Ask Wolfram|Alpha all your geeky questions
    db!announce Announces a message.
    Usage db!announce <#channel> <message>
    db!autorole Gives members a role when they join
    Usage: db!autorole <role>
    db!ban Bans a user from the guild (THIS WILL DELETE MESSAGES)
    Usage: db!ban <@user> <Reason>
    db!birb Here is a birb
    db!botinfo Gets some info about the bot
    Usage: db!botinfo
    db!cat here is a cat.
    db!changelog shows the changelog on the bot
    db!chat Have a chat with dunctebot
    Usage: db!chat <message>
    db!cleanup Performs a cleanup in the channel where the command is run.
    Usage: db!cleanup[ammount] [keep-pinned] [bots-only]
    db!clint Shows a picture of Clint staring at something on a monitor.
    Usage: db!clint [image url]
    db!coin flips a coin.
    Usage: db!coin
    db!colour Shows a random colour.
    db!csshumor Gives you a funny css joke
    db!customcommand Create, run and delete custom commands
    db!customcommand list => Shows a list of all the custom commands
    db!customcommand new <name> <text> => Creates a new custom command
    db!customcommand edit <name> <text> => Edits a custom command
    db!customcommand raw <name> => Shows the raw value of a custom command
    db!customcommand delete <name> => Deletes a custom command
    db!dehoist De-hoists a user
    Usage: db!dehoist <@user>
    db!delet Delet this
    Usage: db!delet
    db!delete Creates a Delete button.
    Usage: db!delete <text>
    db!dialog Gives you a nice dialog
    Usage: db!dialog <text>
    db!didyoumean Did you type your search wrong?
    Usage: db!didyoumean <Top text>|<Bottom text>
    db!discordmeme Gives you a discord meme
    Usage: db!discordmeme
    db!dog here is a dog.
    db!eval Evaluate java code on the bot
    Usage: db!eval <java/groovy code>
    db!flip Flips a user.
    Usage: db!flip [@user]
    db!forcedisconnect Force disconnects the bot from music for when the bot is stuck
    db!guildinfo Show some stats
    db!hackban Ban a user before he/she can join your guild.
    Usage: db!hackban <userId>
    db!help Shows a list of all the commands.
    Usage: db!help [command]
    db!hug db!hug => Hug a user
    db!lewd => When things get to lewd
    db!pat => Pat a user
    db!punch => Punch a user in their face
    db!shrug => ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    db!lick => Lick a user
    db!owo => OwO what's this
    db!weeb <category> => Gives you a random image from weeb.sh with that type
    Aliases: db!lewd, db!pat, db!punch, db!shrug, db!lick, db!owo, db!weeb, db!b1nzy, db!megumin
    db!image Searches for an image on google
    Usage: db!image <search term>
    db!issue Reports heavy and weird issues to the developers.
    This will create an invite to your server, so we can join and help you directly.
    Those issues are hard to explain / resolve if we can't see nor read the chat or other things that happen.
    db!join Makes the bot join the voice channel that you are in.
    db!joke See a funny joke. Dad's love them!
    Usage: db!joke
    db!kick Kicks a user.
    db!kickme Kickes you off the server
    Usage: db!kickme
    db!kitty A alternative cat command with more kitties
    db!kpop Gives you a random kpop member, command suggestion by Exa
    Usage: db!kpop [search term]
    db!leave Makes the bot leave your channel.
    db!lewdneko db!lewdneko => Gives a very lewd neko
    db!carsandhentai => Delet this
    db!lewdkitsune => Shows you a lewd kitsune
    db!hentai => Just some hentai
    Aliases: db!carsandhentai, db!lewdkitsune, db!hentai
    db!linus Shows a picture of Linus pointing to something on a monitor.
    Usage: db!linus [image url]
    db!list shows the current queue
    db!llama Here is a llama
    db!load Loads a given playlist file
    db!loadingbar Displays a progress bar that shows how much of the year has passed
    db!lockemote Lock an emote to some roles.
    Usage: db!lockemote <emote> <@role...>
    Please note that you can't use the emote anymore if you don't have any of the specified roles,
    even if you have administrator permission
    db!lyrics Shows the lyrics to the current song
    db!mute Mute a user.
    Usage: db!mute <@user> <reason>
    db!muterole Gives members a role when they spam.
    Usage: db!muterole <role>
    Aliases: db!spamrole
    db!nowplaying Prints information about the currently playing song (title, current time)
    db!pause Pauses the current song
    db!pccheck WHoops get your pc checked
    Usage: db!pccheck <reason>
    db!ping db!ping => Shows the delay from the bot to the discord servers.
    db!cookie => blobnomcookie.
    db!trigger => Use when you are triggered.
    db!spam => What do you think 😏
    db!wam => You need more WAM!.
    db!mineh => HERE COMES MINEH!
    db!invite => Gives you the bot invite
    db!uptime => Shows the bot uptime
    db!quote => Shows an inspiring quote
    db!yesno => Chooses between yes or no
    db!donate [amount] => Gives you a link to donate for the bot
    db!insta [amount] => Get the latest picture of someones profile
    db!xkcd => Get a random comic from xkcd.com
    db!reverse <text> => reverses a string
    Aliases: db!cookie, db!trigger, db!spam, db!wam, db!mineh, db!invite, db!uptime, db!quote, db!yesno, db!insta, db!donate, db!insta, db!xkcd, db!reverse, db!screenfetch
    db!play Make the bot play song.
    Usage: db!play [url/search term]
    db!playrw Make the bot play song.
    Usage: db!playrw [url/search term]
    db!pplay Add a playlist to the queue.
    db!radio Adds a radio http stream to your queue and goes to it!
    Yes it skips all songs until it finds the stream it may bug if the current stream has the same url.
    Usage: db!radio <(full)list/station name>
    db!readd Readd the current track to the end of the queue
    db!release Releases a new version of the bot to GitHub, if configured
    db!repeat Makes the player repeat the currently playing song
    db!restart Start the current track back to the beginning
    db!save Saves a playlist into a file with can be loaded with db!load
    db!seal Here is a nice seal
    db!search Make the bot play song.
    Usage: db!search [search term]
    db!seek seek in the currently playing track
    Usage: db!seek <minutes:seconds>
    Examples: db!seek 04:20
    db!seek 00:50
    db!setcolor Sets the colors of the embeds from the bot.
    Usage: db!setcolor <hex color>
    db!setdescription Set a custom description in db!guildinfo
    Usage: db!setdescription <description>
    db!setjoinmessage Sets the message that the bot shows when a new member joins
    Usage: db!setjoinmessage <join message>
    Aliases: db!setwelcomenmessage
    db!setleavemessage Sets the message that the bot shows when a member leaves
    Usage: db!setleavemessage <leave message>
    db!setlogchannel Sets the channel to log messages in
    Usage: db!setlogchannel <text channel>
    db!setprefix Sets the new prefix
    Usage: db!setprefix <prefix>
    db!setratelimits Sets our cooldown in minutes for un-muting your spammer of choice.
    Usage: db!setratelimits <1|2|3|4|5|6>
    Example: db!setratelimits20|45|60|120|240|2400
    db!settings Shows the current settings
    Usage: db!settings
    Aliases: db!options
    db!setwelcomechannel Sets the channel that displays the welcome and leave messages
    Usage: db!setwelcomechannel <channel>
    Aliases: db!setleavechannel
    db!shardinfo Get information about all things shards
    db!shit db!shit <message>` => Exclaim that something is shit.`db!pluralshit <message> => Exclaim that things are shit.
    db!shorten Shortens a url
    Usage: db!shorten <link to shorten>
    db!shuffle Shuffles the current queue
    db!skip Skips the current track.
    db!slowmode Enable slowmode on in the current channel.
    Usage: db!slowmode <seconds (1-120)>
    Use db!slowmode off to turn slowmode off
    db!softban Kicks a user from the guild (THIS WILL DELETE MESSAGES)
    db!stats Shows some nerdy stats about the bot
    db!stop Stops the music player.
    db!suggest Suggest something to be in Dunctebot!
    db!tempban Temporally bans a user from the guild (THIS WILL DELETE MESSAGES)
    Usage: db!tempban <@user> <time><m/h/d/w/M/Y> [Reason]
    db!testtag Test your jagtag format before you save it as custom command etc.
    Usage: db!testtag <JagTag syntax>
    db!thesearch Go on a journey to find intelligent life.
    Usage: db!thesearch <message>
    db!toggleannouncetracks Toggles if the player should announce the next playing track
    Usage: db!toggleannouncetracks
    db!toggleautodehoist Toggles if if the bot should auto de-hoist users
    Usage: db!toggleautodehoist
    db!togglefilterinvites Toggles if the bot should delete messages that contain invites
    Usage: db!togglefilterinvites
    db!togglejoinmessage Turns the join message on or off
    Usage: db!togglejoinmessage
    Aliases: db!enablejoinmessage, db!disablejoinmessage
    db!togglekickmode Toggles whether we should kick or assign a role for spammers.
    Usage: db!togglekickmode
    db!togglespamfilter Toggles whether we should handle your incoming spam.
    Usage: db!togglespamfilter
    db!toggleswearfilter Turns the swearword filter on or off
    Usage: db!toggleswearfilter
    Aliases: db!enableswearfilter, db!disableswearfilter
    db!token Tries to get as much info about a token as possible
    Usage: db!token <token of a discord bot>
    db!translate Translate a text from English to another language
    Usage: db!translate <destination language> <text>
    db!ttb Convert your text to bricks
    db!unban Unbans a user
    db!unlockemote Unlocks an emote if it was locked
    Usage: db!unlockemote <:emote:>
    Please note that you have to mention the emote due the bot not caching emotes for their names
    db!unshorten Unshorten a short url
    Usage: db!unshorten <short url>
    db!urban Search the urban dictionary.
    Usage: db!urban <search term>
    db!userinfo Get information from yourself or from another user.
    Usage: db!userinfo [username]
    db!voicekick Kicks a user from the voice channel
    Usage: db!voicekick <@user/voice channel>
    db!volume Sets the new volume on the player.
    Usage: db!volume [new volume]
    db!warn Warns a member.
    When a member has 3 warnings he/she will be kicked
    Usage: db!warn <@user> [reason]
    db!yoda Convert your sentences into yoda speak.
    Usage: db!yoda <A sentence.>