dunctebot is a multipurpose discord bot with a lot of commands that are mainly for music and fun.

The main purpose of this bot is providing useful tools for moderating your server.

If you want to see a list of all the commands click here.

If you are interested in looking at the bot's source you can view it on GitHub.

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Quotes system

You might have noticed the quotes in the footers of the embeds that duncebot uses, you can submit one of those quotes via this form.

Command list:

Command Description
db!alpaca Here is an alpaca
db!alpha Ask Wolfram|Alpha all your geeky questions
Aliases: db!wolfram, db!wa, db!wolframalpha
db!announce Announces a message.
Usage db!announce <message>
Aliases: db!announce2
db!ban Bans a user from the guild (THIS WILL DELETE MESSAGES)
Usage: db!ban <@user> [<time><m/h/d/w/M/Y>] <Reason>
db!birb Here is a birb
Aliases: db!bird
db!blob Gives you a blob.
Usage: db!blob [blob name]
db!botinfo Gets some info about the bot
Usage: db!botinfo
Aliases: db!about, db!info
db!cat here is a cat.
db!chat Have a chat with dunctebot
Usage: db!chat <message>
db!cleanup Performs a cleanup in the channel where the command is run.
Usage: db!cleanup[ammount] [keep-pinned]
Aliases: db!clear, db!purge
db!coin flips a coin.
Usage: db!coin
db!delet Delet this
Usage: db!delet
Aliases: db!deletthis, db!deletethis
db!dialog Gives you a nice dialog
Usage: db!dialog <text>
db!discordmeme Gives you a discord meme
Usage: db!discordmeme
Aliases: db!dmeme, db!discordmemes, db!dmemes
db!dog here is a dog.
db!eval Evaluate java code on the bot
Usage: db!eval <java/groovy code>
Aliases: db!eval™, db!evaluate, db!evan, db!eva;
db!flip Flips a user.
Usage: db!flip [@user]
db!guildinfo Show some stats
Aliases: db!serverinfo, db!server, db!guild
db!hackban Ban a user before he/she can join your guild.
Usage: db!hackban <userId>
db!help Shows a list of all the commands.
Usage: db!help [command]
Aliases: db!commands
db!hug Hug a user.
Usage: db!hug [username/@user]
db!image Searches for an image on google
Usage: db!image <search term>
db!join Makes the bot join the voice channel that you are in.
Aliases: db!summon, db!connect
db!joke See a funny joke. Dad's love them!
Usage: db!joke
Aliases: db!meme
db!kick Kicks a user.
db!kitty A alternative cat command with more kitties
db!kpop Gives you a random kpop member, command suggestion by Exa
Usage: db!kpop [search term]
db!leave Makes the bot leave your channel.
Aliases: db!disconnect, db!exit
db!lewd ehhhhh
Usage: db!lewd
db!list shows the current queue
Aliases: db!queue
db!llama Here is a llama
db!nowplaying Prints information about the currently playing song (title, current time)
Aliases: db!np, db!song
db!pat Pats a user.
Usage db!pat [username/@user]
db!pause Pauses the current song
db!ping db!ping => Shows the delay from the bot to the discord servers.
db!cookie => blobnomcookie.
db!trigger => use when you are triggered.
db!wam => you need more WAM!.
db!mineh => HERE COMES MINEH!
db!invite => gives you the bot invite
db!uptime => shows the bot uptime
db!quote => Shows an inspiring quote
Aliases: db!cookie, db!trigger, db!wam, db!mineh, db!invite, db!uptime, db!quote, db!yesno
db!play Make the bot play song.
Usage: db!play [url/search term]
db!playrw Make the bot play song.
Usage: db!playrw [url/search term]
db!pplay Add a playlist to the queue.
db!punch Punch a user in their face
Usage: db!punch [username/@user]
db!radio Adds a radio http stream to your queue and goes to it!
Yes it skips all songs until it finds the stream it may bug if the current stream has the same url.
Usage: db!radio <(full)list/station name>
Aliases: db!pstream, db!stream, db!webstream, db!webradio
db!repeat Makes the player repeat the currently playing song
Aliases: db!loop
db!seal Here is a nice seal
Aliases: db!zeehond
db!settings Modify the settings on the bot.
db!settings => Shows the current settings
db!setPrefix <prefix> => Sets the new prefix
db!setJoinMessage <join message> => Sets the message that the bot shows when a new member joins
db!setLeaveMessage <leave message> => Sets the message that the bot shows when a member leaves
db!toggleJoinMessage => Turns the join message on or off
db!toggleSwearFilter => Turns the swearword filter on or off
db!setLogChannel <text channel> => Sets the channel to log messages in
db!setWelcomeChannel <channel> => Sets the channel that displays the welcome and leave messages
db!autorole <role> => Gives members a role when they join
db!setdescription <desc> => Set a custom description in db!guildinfo
db!toggleannouncetracks => Toggles if the player should announce the next playing track
Aliases: db!options, db!enablejoinmessage, db!togglejoinmessage, db!disablejoinmessage, db!setjoinmessage, db!setwelcomenmessage, db!enableswearfilter, db!disableswearfilter, db!toggleswearfilter, db!setprefix, db!setlogchannel, db!setwelcomechannel, db!setleavechannel, db!setleavemessage, db!autorole, db!setdescription, db!toggleannouncetracks
db!shardinfo Get information about all things shards
Aliases: db!shards
db!shorten Shortens a url
Usage: db!shorten <link to shorten>
Aliases: db!short, db!url, db!bitly, db!googl
db!shrug ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Usage: db!shrug
db!shuffle Shuffles the current queue
db!skip Skips the current track.
Aliases: db!next, db!nexttrack, db!skiptrack
db!softban Kicks a user from the guild (THIS WILL DELETE MESSAGES)
db!stop Stops the music player.
db!tag Save it in a tag
Usage: db!tag <tag_name/author/delete/create/help> [tag_name] [tag contents]
Aliases: db!pasta, db!tags, db!t
db!ttb Convert your text to bricks
db!unban Unbans a user
db!userinfo Get information from yourself or from another user.
Usage: db!userinfo [username]
Aliases: db!user, db!i
db!volume Sets the new volume on the player.
Usage: db!volume [new volume]
db!warn Warns a member.
When a member has 3 warnings he/she will be kicked
Usage: db!warn <@user> [reason]
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